Friday, November 5, 2010

An end to the end tables. Finally.

A couple weeks ago I purchased some really ugly end tables and a coffee table off of craigslist. I'd been looking at garage sales, which I'm new at and I feel really really awkward doing. So really we just drive around looking for people that have furniture outside, and none of them do and then we cry a little and go home. I gave this up pretty quickly and stuck to looking at and craigslist. Anyhow, here they are:

Yes. Hideous. You're just jealous. Of course a couple days after I purchased this set, I got an email from the company that does estate sales and they had a set that I liked better AND it was cheaper! D'oh!! I was a little sad and lost momentum, but I finally got around to finishing them. They are done, finished, in the house. Yea!! We have tables!! We've never had end tables. I just couldn't a) commit or b) dish out the cash for something I really liked.  We haven't had a coffee table for 4 years, either, so that's in the works too- on the agenda for this weekend.

I know, the top pull on this one is a little cock-eyed. Didn't notice before I took the picture. Oops :/  I sanded them down, primed them with a brown primer, painted them an olivey green, did a little distressing and a poly coat. The pulls were an old set of bronzy looking things that I spray painted black.  I'm pretty pleased :) That is all.